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Main Specifications

  • Grassolind is an open-weave cotton dressing, impregnated with a non-medicated paraffin with no sensitising effects.
  • Grassolind is sufficiently porous to allow an easy passage of exudate from the wound surface, preventing maceration of surrounding tissue.
  • The dressing is ideal for treatment of large surface wounds where low adherence is essential. The dressing can be kept on the wound for up to 7 days, subject to the amount of exudate.Pads without active substances of cottonknitted fabric batterpermeable to air and in the secretions, impregnated with a neutralointment in a large amount in order notremoved even in intense exudationReadily cut to the desired dimensions
  • The ointment contains: 
  • white petrolatum, ester of diglyceridesmonoand dicarboxylic fatty acids, synthetic wax
  • uses 
  • For a general treatment of woundsin particular for maintaining the elasticity of the surface and the edges of the wound, e.g. forextensive abrasions or cuts and burns orburns from scalding hot water, plastic andcosmetic surgery in exporting nail in phimosis surgery etc. To cover the donor and recipient region inskin transplants and to hold partial thickness skin graftsThey are also indicated for dermatology and for patients with sensitive skin or sensitive to medications.

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01046038GRASSOLIND 7,5X10CM10 PCS
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01046044GRASSOLIND 10X20 CM30 PCS
4993102 (H)GRASSOLIND 5X5 CM10 PCS